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472 East Market Avenue
Dallastown, PA 17313

(717) 246-9049

Ness Rentals Self-Storage is located in Dallastown Pennsylvania. We provide a wide assortment of self-storage options for both personal and business needs.

Ness Rentals Self-Storage has a well lit lot with ample room to maneuver large vehicles and trailers for loading and unloading. All of our self-storage options have 24/7 access.

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, Ness Rentals Self-Storage has a solution that will meet your needs.

Self-Storage UnitsSelf-Storage UnitsSelf-Storage UnitsSelf-Storage UnitsSelf-Storage UnitsSelf-Storage Units

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Rental Options:

Please contact us for a quote.

Storage Units:

The following units are for storage only and include indoor lighting (on a timer).


The following units have a 12'x12' garage door with a 3' entry door. These include tenant paid electric (billed by landlord). These units can be worked in.

Outdoor Parking:

Outdoor parking is available for campers, RVs, boats, vehicles, ect.

Ample room to manuever large trailers and vehicles in to and out of storage spaces.

Ness Rentals Self-Storage - Contact Us

Ness Rentals Self-Storage does not have an on-sight office. The easiest way to contact us is by phone. We also provide the following options for your convenience. Contact us today for a quote.

  (717) 246-9049
  472 East Market Avenue
    Dallastown, PA 17313
  P.O. Box 7
    Dallastown, PA 17313

If you prefer to have Ness Rentals Self-Storage contact you, please submit the following information and we will respond as soon as possible. All the fields below are required to allow you to submit the form.

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Ness Rentals Self-Storage is located at 472 East Market Avenue in Dallastown, PA.

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